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veduta parziale della mostra Interaction Napoli

The biennial project that involves artists from different countries, generations and languages called to create site-specific works interacting with each other, the space of the Foundation and the community.


II edition - the Other and the Otherness

from March 16th to Novembrer 9 th




LAB.oratory is the space we focus on promoting emerging artists. This year we are presenting a project by artist Gabriella Siciliano (1990, Naples).

One of the characteristics of her work, and one that places her perfectly in the Foundation's artistic program, is her ability to develop site-specific projects that explore the relationship between physical places and places of the soul. 

With the support of MiC and SIAE, as part of the program “Per Chi Crea”

Interaction Napoli - I edition

Interaction Napoli - I edition

Rosa Alba Impronta, President of Fondazione Made in Cloister invited to participate as a juror for the Driving Energy photo award, open to all photographers in Italy. An invitation to reflect on the invisible that produces concrete effects.

Premio Driving Energy 2024 - Parola ai Giurati_ Rosa Alba Impronta.jpg

The City of Naples has entrusted the care and management of Piazza Enrico De Nicola, the entrance area of Santa Caterina Complex and of Borbone Woolen Mill, to Fondazione Made in Cloister.

An important step for our urban renewal project that can weld the balance between cultural heritage and city life. The beauty of the square can enrich the life of our community.

the care of the square to made in cloister



Unesco chooses Made in Cloister for the "Cultural Heritage in the 21st century" programme as an example of restoration and promotion of the tangible and intangible heritage of the Cloister of Santa Caterina a Formiello in the Historic Centre of Naples.


The Pope meets art
and also Made in Cloister

We are honored to have been included among the 200 from the art world invited to meet the Pope in perhaps the most identifying place in the relationship between art and church: the Sistine Chapel.

The meeting stems from Pope Francesco' desire to celebrate the work and life of artists...

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Made in cloister
every Monday at the Foundation

The social soup kitchen born from the collaboration between Fondazione Made in Cloister and Massimo Bottura's Food for Soul.

Thanks to the magnificent chefs, who reinvent the food surplus every week.

Thanks to Sole 365 and all the companies who deliver surplus food to us every week.



Our most beautiful moments: the installations, our friends, the concerts, those who work with us, those who support us, the events organized

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