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Sergio Fermariello







temporarily closed

(H)ear, the site specific project by Sergio Fermariello, exposed into the Cloister of Santa Caterina a Formiello Church, is  temporarily closed in accordance with the covid containment measures


New year, new space, new project!

Feed me with domestic stuff by the artist Diego Cibelli is the opening project of the multifunctional restored space Lab.oratorio

An exhibition of porcelain objects handcrafted by the artist during the long period of lockdown: uniques pieces that with creativity and irony reinvent everyday objects becoming small sculptures for domestic use.


with domestic stuff

by Diego Cibelli


The space that it use to be the connection hall between the wings of the monumental complex, today becomes a multifunctional space that enhances  Made in Cloister’s cultural program: a project space dedicated to research, experimentation and exposure of the young contemporary art scene​

Lab.oratorio re-starts his activities after a careful restoration with the a new project: Feed me with domestic stuff by the artist Diego Cibelli.

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Artistic Lab

October 2020

The Made in Cloister's urban renewal project aims to transform the Cloister of Santa Caterina a Formiello into a creative hub for the Porta Capuana community.

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Made in cloister

ogni lunedì in Fondazione

Social Tables, the soup kitchen born from the collaboration between the Made in Cloister Foundation and Massimo Bottura's Food for Soul, restarts after weeks of suspension. The activities, adapting to the spacing rules, are renewed. Forty guests in conditions of economic fragility every Monday, starting from April 20, will receive a complete meal, produced from food surplus provided by the Fondation Carrefour, reinvented every week by a different chef and delivered in takeaway thanks to the help of the Cooperative Dedalus.


More information is available on the Foundation's social networks.


Our most beautiful moments: the installations, our friends, the concerts, those who work with us, those who support us, the events organized

Visitatori al chiostro
visitatori al chiostro
visitatrice alla mostra
visitatori per la mostra al chistro
visitatori alla mostra
visitatori alla mostra
Erri de Luca
chiostro made in cloister
evento made in cloister
sophie auster a made in cloister
chrysta bell a made in cloister
laurie anderson e willem dafoe
made in cloister
toni servillo a made in cloister
ingresso lanificio
dettaglio lanterna made in cloister
affreschi made in cloister
dettaglio affresco made in cloister
essiccatoio borbonico lanterna
concerto patti smith made in cloiste
mimmo paladino made in cloister
Chiostro Piccolo
willem dafoe a made in cloister
colonne piperno made in cloister
martirio s. caterina d'alessandria
restauro affreschi made in cloister
il chiostro dall'alto
portico made in cloister
Tadashi Kawamata at Made in Cloister

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ADDRESS: Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 48, 80139 Napoli NA

TEL: +3908118191601

EMAIL: info@madeincloister.it


Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Sun / Mon closed

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