made in cloister

Made in Cloister has involved artists and designers for the design of a line of objects and furnishings, created in collaboration with master craftsmen and designed to set up the exhibition spaces of the cloister, for a targeted and personalized distribution.


The Made in Cloister workshop aims to create new market opportunities for artisanal products that risk disappearing.


Made in Cloister wants to enhance the talent and the ancient craft techniques through the creativity of artists and designers to tell the story and the "world".

Per informazioni su prezzi e spedizioni scrivere a

Marcello Panza e
Pasquale de Palma
Liu Jianhua e 
Pasquale de Palma
Chris Rucker and
El Bachri Noreddine
Chris Rucker and
Andrea Amato
Natee Utarit
Liu Jianhua  
Harry Pearce and Vittorio Avella
Diego Cibelli
Diego Cibelli
Sergio Fermariello


ADDRESS: Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 48, 80139 Napoli NA

TEL: +39 081 1819 1601



Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Sun / Mon closed

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