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Chris Rucker and
El Bachri Noreddine



The New York designer Chris Rucker, of Rucker Coorporation, has designed a line of furniture for Made in Cloister. The project was curated by Giuseppe Lignano of LOT-EK (NY).


During his Neapolitan stay, Chris, who was able to observe closely the different techniques of craftsmanship in many shops, was inspired by one of the most recurrent forms of which he found the presence in all the places visited: the easel.


The latter, which is used in the workshops to support the worktops, symbolically becomes the backbone of the artisan work, thanks to which creation becomes possible.


In the design of the tables, chairs and stools the shape of the easel is repeated, decomposed, scaled, to give life to beautiful modules. The raw iron becomes a dominant material that is enhanced in its characteristics with the live cuts characteristic of the line.

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