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Casa Cloister is the artist residency project of Made in Cloister Foundation, which has invited numerous national and international artists to work with the area since 2016.

The space, like the Foundation, is part of the former Borbone Woolen Mill and part of the project of recovering and re-using the historic spaces of the 16th-century complex that have long been abandoned.

The conversion of Casa Cloister will be followed in collaboration with Diarc- Department of Architecture of the Federico II University of Naples-and will take place in respect of the historical and cultural vocation of the place but always in dialogue with the contemporary.

All the furnishings will be made by local artisans with the international artists who from time to time will take part in the residency. A project therefore in progress and in continuous change that will strengthen on the one hand the relationship of the artists with the territory on the other hand the involvement of the artisans.

Casa Cloister will become actively part of the foundation from 2024.

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