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Lab.Oratorio, is a multifunctional space that enhances  Made in Cloister’s cultural program: a project space dedicated to research, experimentation and exposure of the young contemporary art scene and  also screening, talk, performance.


Lab.Oratorio is built to be a place of experience through artistic practice, the involvement of the community and craftsmen. Lab.Oratorio is located on the first floor of the monumental complex of Santa Caterina a Formiello.

After an initial period in which the space - left in the state of neglect in which it was found - hosted various laboratory and exhibition projects, Lab.oratorio restarts thanks to a careful restoration that recovers another place of the ancient monumental complex.


The mission of the Made in Cloister Foundation - which since 2016 is concerned with the enhancement of cultural heritage through the involvement of local community  for the creation of a model of sustainable development - is enriched and expanded through the opening of a new space that, even thanks to its particular architectural structure,  being a place of transit and passage, is a perfect multipurpose space.


"Lab.", therefore, as a place dedicated to experimentation and "Oratorio" as a space for dialogue and comparison, theoretical analysis and intergenerational exchange; the dual vocation defines the hybrid identity of space, built through highly practical moments and theoretical moments, creative forge and exhibition venue.

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