Lab.Oratorio, is a multifunctional space that enhances  Made in Cloister’s cultural program: a project space dedicated to research, experimentation and exposure of the young contemporary art scene and  also screening, talk, performance.


Lab.Oratorio is built to be a place of experience through artistic practice, the involvement of the community and craftsmen. Lab.Oratorio is located on the first floor of the monumental complex of Santa Caterina a Formiello.

After an initial period in which the space - left in the state of neglect in which it was found - hosted various laboratory and exhibition projects, Lab.oratorio restarts thanks to a careful restoration that recovers another place of the ancient monumental complex.


The mission of the Made in Cloister Foundation - which since 2016 is concerned with the enhancement of cultural heritage through the involvement of local community  for the creation of a model of sustainable development - is enriched and expanded through the opening of a new space that, even thanks to its particular architectural structure,  being a place of transit and passage, is a perfect multipurpose space.


"Lab.", therefore, as a place dedicated to experimentation and "Oratorio" as a space for dialogue and comparison, theoretical analysis and intergenerational exchange; the dual vocation defines the hybrid identity of space, built through highly practical moments and theoretical moments, creative forge and exhibition venue.


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di Diego Cibelli

From 5th February 2021

wall water bozza per approvazione.jpg


di Enzo Distinto

a cura di Valentina Apicerni

9 novembre / 6 dicembre 2019

“Wall Water” è la traccia di due fiumi che si intersecano, il Sebeto, il fiume segreto di Napoli , e il Nilo, rappresentati come due muri di acqua che si innalzano verso l’alto, simboleggiando l’incontro tra civiltà diverse, unificate da un elemento comune che segna la scomparsa utopica dei confini politici tra Paesi e permette di visualizzare la Terra come un unico grande continente, attraversabile liberamente da tutti.





15 Febbraio / 30 Marzo 2019


Nuvola Ravera has conceived a site-specific installation after a period of research on the territory and of production, carried out with the Neapolitan workers specialized in artisan saponification.


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