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social impact

& urban regeneration

The creation of a network of creative businesses, the identification of entities already operating in social and cultural areas, dialogue with museums and educational institutions of the territory, the interaction between artists and craftsmen, give Made in Cloister the ability to engage the area of Porta Capuana and its inhabitants, contributing to the growth of that awareness necessary for the maturation of human dimensions and the good life. The combination of all these elements, and being open to exchange with other creative production in an international context, should give the cloister a note of preciousness, and give it the strength needed to become a centre for the rebirth of the neighbourhood through the engine of creativity.


After the collapse of the Lanificio, the cloister was divided into different properties and used for the most disparate activities (a garage, a carpentry workshop, a warehouse…) ultimately ruining the architectural structure: illegal structures were built, the archways of the portico were walled, the columns were knocked down in order to let the trucks maneuver better, and the frescoes were completely covered.


This is how the cloister was found.​​​


Made in Cloister has inspired and promoted a cultural cluster, involving local, Italian and international personalities who have with their own vocation contributed to the conversion of the whole monumental area of Santa Caterina a Formiello. Some of the activities that Made in Cloister is treating for the project on urban generation of the neighborhood include the creation of a network of creative businesses, the identification of other areas within the complex that can be converted, the involvement of international artists and designers, the exchange with the local community, museums and educational institutions within the territory, and the involvement of the artisans.

Il Lanificio - ingresso
Il restauro degli affreschi
Studio affreschi
restauro affreschi
dettaglio lanterna borbonica
affreschi S. Caterina a Formiello
dettaglio affreschi S. Caterina
Lanificio - dettaglio
Martirio di S. Caterina
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