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In 2012 the Fondazione Made in Cloister launched a project to restore the 16th century cloister of the Church of Santa Caterina a Formiello, a rare example of Neapolitan renaissance and industrial architecture that had been completely abandoned.

Because of the site’s history and location, the project’s aim has been that of recuperating a part of Naples’ cultural heritage. Its intention is to renew local traditional crafts with a contemporary approach, bringing local master craftsmen to work with international artists and designers.

Made in Cloister’s vision:

  • Recuperate, reconvert and develop the local artistic heritage coherent with the territorial vocation

  • Re-launch the notion of “handmade” through the interaction between master craftsmen and international artists and designers


  • Create awareness of urban regeneration and the social impact of a cultural project

Il Chiostro di S. Caterina a Formiel
Il Lanificio
Il Chiostro - Dettaglio
Il complesso di S. Caterina
Lanterna borbonica dall'alto
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