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Our Work

Biennial exhibition project

The Made in Cloister  Foundation has created  InterACTION an exhibition project to be held every two years in Naples, in which artists from different countries, generations and languages have been called to create site-specific works and to interact with each other, with the space and with the community, creating a collective exhibition.


The title has a programmatic nature: interacting means confronting oneself, having a dialogue, lowering one's natural defenses and accepting to grow and work together. There is an African word, "Ubuntu", which expresses this concept very well and whose meaning is: "I am because we are".

A clear message, rooted in popular cultures, yet too often disregarded and
ignored. Artists who interact with each other and with the space that hosts them can help give this term the power of a magic word, the power of change and transformation. Like a magic wand that transforms a pumpkin into a carriage, interaction can transform the happiness of an individual into everyone's happiness and therefore into universal harmony.


The Second Edition


Working on the next exhibition!

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