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Friday 12 March at 20.00

WFTM-3 locandina ufficiale nicola samori


WHEN: 12 March 2021 at 8.00 pm

WHERE : Youtube 

LINK STREAMING : Coming soon

Waiting for the Man  is about to return in a digital edition with many guests!

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Hey babe, take a walk on the wilde side

The evening will start with Davide de Blasio , founder of the Foundation as well as a friend of Lou Reed who, after a brief greeting, plays and sings Oh Jim , a song taken from the Berlin concept album of the 70s, born from a request by the producer to develop the story of the Berlin couple (track from Lou Reed's first solo album).

Following is a short clip from the film Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart by Timothy Greenfield- Sanders , the outstanding documentary that won the Grammy Award for best long-format music video.

It then starts again with i Lee van Cleef , Neapolitan band who performs with Sally can't dance , particular album for sound and cover, far from the dramatic and dark tones of Lou Reed from Rock'n'roll Animal (see video clip)

Subsequently, with the underlay of Perfect Day in live version , a selection of images taken by photographer Guido Harari , who not only photographed Lou and Laurie Anderson's first tour, but was also part of the rocker's "magic circle". A historical, but also an intimate and affectionate look at Lou Reed.

The streaming continues with the interpretation of Caterina Bianco , violinist and singer, of Rouge , a song played in its original version by Laurie Anderson and part of Lou Reed's last solo album Ecstacy in 2000.

Cristina Donadio and Saturnino interpret A Dream , taken from the album / musical A song for Drella, written with John Cale and reminiscent of the late Andy Warhol, whom they called Drella, a mix between Dracula and Cinderella. In the song Andy Warhol reviews his whole life in slow motion and manages to pour it into a dream, while the Factory, Nico and the Velvet Undergound, the slides, the films, the paintings, the anti-pop and the noise rock, the heroes and the anti-heroes engulfed by the Fame, become the shaded shadows on the horizon of that gloomy and thoughtful creature:

Gee, wouldn't it be funny if I died in this dream
before I could make another one up

And nobody called

And nobody came

From Songs for Drella we move on to two tracks from the 1996 theatrical play Time Rocker, which marks the 25th anniversary, directed by Bob Wilson based on the novel The Time Machine by HG Wells. The first is Turning Time Around played and sung by Lelio Morra , an intimate and slow reflection on love and the passage of time. The second is Talking Book interpreted by Ernesto Nobili


I wish I had a Talking Book That told me how to act and look A Talking Book that contained keys To past and present memories

To follow the performance Save the Mermaids by the artist Trallallà on the music of Walk on the wilde side . His "ciacione" sirens, scattered throughout Naples,   arrive in the sixteenth-century cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello disguised and transformed by the influence of Lou Reed ...

Ladies and Gentleman, a friend of the Foundation and Lou Reed, and known by the Porta Capuana district as "o'cattiv ro spidemman", it's time to Willem Dafoe  that, with his harsh, hoarse voice and intonation  in this edition it perfectly embodies the punk style of Street Hassle , introduced by Lou Reed himself  in the following way: «I wanted to write a song that had a great rock monologue in it. Something that people like William Burroughs, Hubert Selby, John Rechy, Tennessee Williams, Nelson Algren, or Raymond Chandler could have written. Mixing them all together, Street Hassle appears "

We then return to Berlin with the song Candy Says sung by the angelic Anhoni in the 2006 version at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn  directed by Julian Schnabel.

Then a further step back in time with the famous Heroin , interpreted in this edition by Fanali , a musical group formed by Caterina Bianco, Jonathan Maurano and Michele De Finis.

The stream ends with an interview by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to David Bowie about Lou Reed,  and the interpretation of Sweet Jane  of the  Lee van Cleef.

Info and news on streaming via newsletter, instagram and fb event .

Stay tuned and rock'nroll!

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