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1st edition

A Daylong Calabration of Lou Reed

Made in Cloister is proud to celebrate Saturday 2nd March the 77 anniversary of Lou Reed’s birthday with a daylong celebration of his great talent.
12 no stop hours with concerts, readings and movies featuring a lot of special guests, to pay homage to one of the most important rock musicians of the international music history.
The celebration will be reserved to members of Fondazione Made in Cloister. Until the 2nd March there will be a special discount on the submission of the membership from 20€ .
For more info write to

Line up of the day (work in progress)


The Velvet Underground

Vinyl DJ Set by Oblomova Dischi

A journey through the Velvet  Underground music


Lou reed. Rock and roll animal

Speech by Saturnino , Guido Harari, Andrea Melis, and more


Lou Reed. Rock and roll Heart

Movie directed by Thimothy Greenfield-Sanders, 1998.

Documentary, 75 min, English language

From The Velvet Underground birth, through the solo career of the great rocker, to his ast works. With exclusive interview to Lou Reed, David Bowie, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Suzanne Vega, Philip Glass and others.

18.30- 19.15

Reading by Cristina Donadio of the legendary concept album from 1973.

Editing and translation by Davide de Blasio

20.00- 21.40

Rock and Roll/House band in concert

Special Guests: Enzo Gragnaniello with Solis String Quartet, Enzo Moscato, Oyoshe, Saturnino, Greta Zuccoli and others.

Set List curated by Laurie Anderson


Lou Reed’s Berlin

Movie directed by Julian Schnabel, 2006

Movie, 78 min, English

In December 2006 for the first time Lou performed live his concept album “Berlin”, from 1973.

Three extraordinary performances at the St.Anna’s Warehouse of Brooklyn collected by Schanbel  in this very rock opera that represents one of the most intimate and powerful works of the American rocker.

In the movie, behind the concert, there is a narration with images of Lola Schanel and of the Spanish artist Alejandro  Garmendia.

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