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FUD is a project to promote quality artisanal products that have been working in the Campania region for years and which represent an excellence in the field of agri-food.


The sixteenth century cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello, for one day, will be transformed into a market and inside the Cloister Bar, it will be possible to have a pleasant break by having an aperitif or by participating in the brunch, tasting the products for sale expertly transformed by our cook for enhance the tastes of each ingredient.


The project goes to trace new "furrows" in the relationship between those who produce food and those who feed on this food; not consumption but nourishment. An agricultural "action" made in a healthy way and respectful of natural processes, using seeds and ancient-contemporary animal species, chosen by farmers / breeders over the centuries to harmonize cultivation with the natural environment. Natural farming techniques use rustic seeds that respond to changing environmental conditions.


FUD is so much biodiversity translated into a multiplicity of tastes and colors.

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