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The cathedral glass laboratory is underway for the Ara Starck exhibition

The production workshop of Made in Cloister next exhibition begins. This time the artist Ara Starck during her residency has decided to work with the artisans and dialogue with the city.

Seak peek: one of the main artworks included in the show will be in stain glass, an ancient tradition of which very few master craftsmen remain. The enhancement of craftsmanship, part of the Made in Cloister mission, passes, above all, through the sharing of values and techniques with young people.

Therefore the workshop will be in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, and Fondazione Cologni will also support the activities, as it has been involved in the promotion of Italian craftsmanship for almost 30 years.

During the production workshops will be held in which the artist and the craftsmen involved will show the students of the Academy the technique and working of cathedral glass.

Soon many more news about the exhibition...

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