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The Made in Cloister Foundation, the Big Sky Foundation and the Madre Museum, in partnership with the Aste & Nodi Association, are pleased to announce the new contest entitled L'Arte in gioco. For development, social cohesion and well-being of the urban periphery, intended for Italian artists under 35, edited by Chiara Pirozzi.


The Award intends to entrust art, and its actions, with the task of activating meaningful relationships in a territorial context definable as "urban periphery", in which the social, cultural and ethnic differences represent its complexity and wealth.


So, in July, the inspections and research that the curators and the invited artists will develop will take place in the Vicaria district and in the Porta Capuana area of ​​Naples, in order to conceive of site-specific and participated projects, in able to trigger redevelopment and integration practices, also thanks to the elaboration of workshop moments and workshops.


The Award is aimed at Italian artists under 35 - selected by curators / tutors Micaela Deiana, Angel Moya Garcia and Alessandra Troncone - called to develop an unpublished project in line with the theme proposed by the announcement.


The three invited artists are Niccolò De Napoli (selected by Alessandra Troncone), Dewey Dell (selected by Micaela Deiana) and Elena Mazzi (selected by Angel Moya Garcia), will have the opportunity to develop a project with critical support from the curator / tutor and assisted by Aste & Nodi, an association that welcomes professionals who have always been committed to the development of shared practices of urban regeneration and social integration.


The projects presented by the three competing artists will be screened by an international jury composed of Laurie Anderson (artist), Eliza Bonham Carter (head curator of the Royal Academy of Arts Schools) and Andrea Viliani (director of the Madre Museum) who will decree the winner by January 2019. In the following months, the awarded artist will have the opportunity to produce the work and exhibit it at the small cloister of the monumental complex of Santa Caterina in Formiello, home of the Made in Cloister Foundation, on the occasion of the exhibition March 2019.


The artists in the competition are called to conceive a project that has as expressive or executive modality that of the game, which can be declined by the artist in full freedom of interpretation. Play, like art, presupposes rules and ethics, is a generator of human relationships and contains a strong dose of freedom. The title of the prize therefore defines "the rules" of a game that, as such, in addition to being a moment of leisure, leads to reflection, learning and analysis.


The art involved therefore intends to analyze the role of art in urban regeneration practices: to what extent can art contribute to well-being and social cohesion in difficult contexts? What could be the risks of an incorrect use of the role of art? What approach does the artist have to take in analyzing and dialogue with the neighborhood and its inhabitants?


The theme "the Art in play" therefore places the artist in a dimension of criticism and self-analysis of his own practice, with the aim of finding an original and above all appropriate game action in making the project in competition a significant activator cohesion, welfare and social participation.


The Prize L'Arte in gioco is promoted by the Made in Cloister Foundation, by the Big Sky Foundation and by the Madre Museum, it is realized in partnership with the Aste & Nodi Association, born thanks to the support of MiBACT and SIAE as part of the initiative " Sillumina - Private copy for young people, for culture "and enjoys the support of the Morra Foundation.

the winner of the first edition

From the Inside
Niccolò De Napoli
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