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The Pope meets art

...and also Fondazione Made in Cloister

We are honored to have been included among the 200 from the art world invited to meet the Pope in perhaps the most identifying place in the relationship between art and church: the Sistine Chapel.

The meeting stems from Pope Francesco' desire to celebrate the work and life of artists, highlighting the contribution of art to the construction of a sense of shared humanity and the promotion of common values.

Guests together with Made in Cloister personalities from all places of art: from music and performance such as Laurie Anderson, from visual art such as Mimmo Paladino, Anselm Kiefer and Jason Martin, from literature, activism and journalism with Roberto Saviano and Michela Murgia.

A reflection on the function of art as a revealer of beauty, creator of harmony as a form of integration and coexistence in the chaotic nature of differences. A force that distinguishes itself from the idea of equality as homogenization and leveling, and that is capable of generating unity that welcomes the multiple contradictions and facets of the human soul.

The artists become the bearers of these values through their open, profound and critical gaze, preserving the imaginative and borderless vision of the child and at the same time pungent and far-sighted of the seer.

“Your art wants to act as a critical conscience of society, removing the veil from the obvious. You want to show what makes you think, which makes you alert, which reveals reality even in its contradictions […]

[…] We human beings yearn for a new world that we will not fully see with our own eyes, yet we desire it, we seek it, we dream it.”

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