Julian Schnabel: an artist out of boundaries

Breaking boundaries and overcoming borders. Julian Schnabel is an artist with an exuberant personality, who has always loved challenging himself to break out of categories and schemes, experimenting with many different types of art. From painter to filmmaker, from musician to writer. Each of his works is the result of a way of living: there are no formal rules, the important thing is to express what he sees, feels and thinks. To visit one of his exhibitions is to be invested with emotions and to watch him paint can be even more impactful. Imagine observing a man dressed in pyjamas or only in an overcoat who, in the middle of winter, spreads a huge tarpaulin on a lawn and starts to spread paint in an apparently random way, totally estranged from the surrounding world. "I don't feel the cold. When I work it is as if I forget about the body, as if I forget about everything,' he says in an interview.

Julian Schnabel - picture from "Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait"