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pelle rossa

by Jean-Loup Champion

photo6010459921189026338 (1).jpg

The Pelle Rossa exhibition develops within the LAB.Oratorio, a multidisciplinary space dedicated to exhibition, research and experimentation, born from the recovery of another area of the Monumental Complex of S. Caterina in Formiello.  

The room hosts an installation made of mysterious beings, canvases, rags, pieces of wood, paintings, veils and bone fragments: traces of the world, apparently disconnected, which serve to give a new meaning to life. What binds these signs is red , a color that magnifies shapes and surfaces while covering the works, as a skin would do.  

The first instinctive impression in walking through the gallery space is the sense of lightness , given by the works of Jean-Loup: lightness as the desire to free oneself from a weight, to lift off the ground and transform things. The materials that the artist uses, the urns, the nails, the wood, the bones of the animals become something else.  

Strong is also the reference to Naples, to the Fontanelle cemetery and to Pompeii: the volcanic lava, the bones and the petrified bodies tell of a city that is reborn from its ruins, of a story that is told by the artist sensibly attentive to the universe that hosts.

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