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Bottega Made in Cloister’s collection was born in 2016 as a collateral project of Made in Cloister Foundation when, during the restoring phase of the cloister, the first map of Napoletan craftmen has been made by the Foundation.


The “making” vocation, which is an historical calling for both the cloister and the city of Naples, become the soul of Bottega project that aims to enhance the artisanal and local know how.

Through the connection between international artist and designer with the area of Porta Capuana, where the Cloister is located, and with the artisans, this artcraft and design project produces limited editions of artworks that bring together contemporary creativity with the skillful Napoletan manufacture, heritage of ancient handmade tradition.

Here Capodimonte ‘s porcelain with Liu Jianhua language, become provocation of the female figure, wood become a metaphorical journey through Paladino’s ancient and fantastic world of signs and etching are turned into a story that tells poetry in the streets of Naples.

Artworks that show a beauty, sometimes nostalgic, echo of a past, of a tradition still alive that finds a new dynamism into the language of signs and into the intrusion of the artists contemporary vision.

Collezione Bottega will be exhibit inside the Cloister from July to September, and it represents an excursus that shows the relation that the artists/designers have built with the territory, through site specific works, and with the artisans, through the artworks. It is a story of three relations that define Made in Cloister project: the relation artist-artisan, the relation artist-space and the relation artist-territory. The itinerary doesn’t follow a linear interpretation, but rather a circular one, connected more to a dynamic dimension of transformation starting and ending with the relation with artisans.

Alzata Napoletana - Marcello Panza e Pasquale De Palma
The Tavatimsa Heaven (Night) - Natee Utarit
Dream Drawings - Laurie Anderson
Lady Day Rose - Liu Jianhua e Pasquale De Palma
Lay Day Green - Liu Jianhua e Pasquale De Palma
Untitled 2018 - Liu Jianhua
Untitled 2018 - Liu Jianhua
Piatto Mimmo Paladino
Piatto Mimmo Paladino
Tavolo Cenacolo - Mimmo Paladino e MareNà
Tavolo Cenacolo - Mimmo Paladino e MareNà
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