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Patti  Smith


It is an almost surprise date, the one communicated by the "rock poet". The confirmation comes from his manager: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 21 Patti Smith will return to perform in Naples, hosted by the foundation "Made in Cloister". The performance, a concert-reading accompanied by the piano by his daughter Jesse, will be held in the sixteenth century cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello a Porta Capuana. The area, after years of neglect, was recovered from the same foundation, led by Davide De Blasio and Rosa Alba Improta. In 2012, the spaces were entirely restored following an urban recovery project, aimed both at welcoming cultural initiatives and practical workshops for the re-launching and the culture of craftsmanship, both with local masters and international designers. Soon a new "Mensa sociale" will be opened by the multi-starred chef Massimo Bottura.


The concert of 12 December 2017 is therefore part of the cultural activities of "Made in Cloister", launched in 2016 with Laurie Anderson's exhibition "The Withness of the Body", followed by the installation of Tadashi Kawamata, "The Shower" until November 25th), in addition to the Chrysta Bell and Sophie Auster concerts. "In 2013 - says De Blasio, responsible for the cultural program - Patti Smith was, with Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, one of the first artists to whom we showed the Project Made in Cloister - I remember very well that came to visit the cloister when it was all still a construction site and he told me: 'The acoustics are perfect. We have to get something done as soon as possible. " We are happy that now he has chosen to touch also Naples in the short Italian tour in the Christmas period".

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