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from 10 to 19

Second appointment of the 'open doors' cycle dedicated to the slow, relaxed and multidisciplinary discovery of the spaces and works of the Made in Coister Foundation. A special opportunity to enjoy the various souls of the Foundation in a transversal manner, with free admission to the Dejà vu exhibition by the Thai artist Natee Utarit and the Lab.Oratorio space, the finissage of the Wall Water exhibition by Enzo Distinto and the possibility of an aperitif and brunch at the Cloister bar.





- 11.30 am presentation of the photographic book "The lady of the papier mache. The ephemeral in Matera" -

-free visit to Natee Utarit's Déjà Vu exhibition-

It will be presented on Saturday 7 December at 11.30 “La Signora Della Cartapesta. The ephemeral in Matera ”, the photographic book by Giorgio Cossu published by Nane edizioni.


There are two knots that tighten Cossu's volume at the Made in Cloister Foundation: the rediscovery of places that seem to have fallen into oblivion and the enhancement of craftsmanship and apparently forgotten masters of ancient arts, such as papier-mâché.



The photographic volume of Cossu wants to return to an art that has always been considered minor an important testimony in documentary terms, the first step in the construction of a wider and more complete bibliography that better frames it in its quality of centuries-old tradition and steeped in history.  “The Lady Of The Papier Mache. The ephemeral in Matera ”is  the result of a meticulous fieldwork that documents the current state of the papier-mâché art in Matera,  one of the reference centers of this ancient sculptural technique where it arrived right through the city of Naples.

Cossu has in fact followed since the beginning the construction of the Bruna cart, which every 2 July, for centuries,  carries the patron saint of Matera in procession through the streets of the historic city of Lucania. From the construction of the wooden part to the decoration and, finally, to the painting, with attention to detail, the images trace the growth of the work at the hands of the “Pentasuglia”, a historic family of Materan papier-mache.  


The presentation of the volume will be attended by: Maurizio Barbato artistic director of MU.SA, Giacomo Franzese  director of the Archaeological Museum of Nola, Raffaele Soprano  president of MU.SA, Ezio Flammia artist and historian of papier mache in Italy, Domenico Scafoglio anthropologist, Vittorio Avella artist and head of the artistic direction of MU.SA, Claudia and Raffaele Pentasuglia papier mache from Matera, Claudio Cuomo papier mache of Naples, Giorgio Cossu photographer and the publisher Gianni Milano who underlined the value of the work, a real edition distributed nationally and internationally.


- Finissage Wall Water by Enzo Distinto-

The last one  opportunity to visit the Wall Water exhibition by Enzi Distinto and curated by Valentina Apicerni. During the day the artist Enzo Distinto will start the uninstallation of the work with the participation of the public. The water, a precious element that is a constituent of the work itself, will be collected in different glass jugs and will then be poured into a single container that will symbolically unite the cultures described. All work dissolves as it was born leaving the spirit empty. Inaugurated on Saturday 9 November at 10.00 "Wall Water", the exhibition by Enzo Distinto, curated by Valentina Apicerni, at the Lab.Oratorio, the project space of the Made in Cloister Foundation dedicated to research, experimentation and exhibition of contemporary art scene.


“Wall Water” is the trace of two rivers that intersect, the Sebeto, the secret river of Naples which, rising from Monte Somma, crossed the city and poured into the Mediterranean, and the Nile. The rivers are represented as two walls of water that rise upwards, forming a liquid surface with gradual colors that turn from green to yellow, symbolizing the meeting between different civilizations, unified by a common element that marks the utopian disappearance political borders between countries and allows you to view the Earth as a single large continent, which can be crossed freely by all.

  In its traces of the Sebeto and the Nile, history and legend, places and non-places, the geopolitical and sacred dimensions, memory and current events converge. Because they are the symbolic traces of two river divinities and two continents, of the ancient intercultural dialogue between peoples and their mobility across the Mediterranean: here the barriers are just a wall of water.


  “Enzo incorporates all these aspects in a very rich poor art installation, made of scraps of marble, steel bars and water. What was already a blocked passage is now even more blocked, so that every movement must be conscious. Everyone is obliged to have their own experience of stone scraps. Everyone has to negotiate with the old walls […] It's the kind of exhibit that makes you want to experience it in itself, and everyone is rewarded for not being able to do so. ”Jimmie Durham


- Brunch and aperitif-

from 10 it will be possible to take a break at the Refettorio for a brunch dedicated to Neapolitan art and food and wine traditions with our chef Sabrina Russo. 
Among the tables of Paladino, the photos of Art Kane and the design of Chris Rucker, a perfect place for a break during the day.

BOOK YOUR BRUNCH HERE by entering the booking time and telephone number


Platter of cheeses, cold cuts and seasonal fruit

Fried bread with pecorino fondue and sautéed escarole

Neapolitan breakdowns

Lentil soup, broccoli and chestnuts

Egg &  pappa al pomodoro

Savory crepes

Eggplant meatballs




Rugbroad Club Sandwich 

Fried bread with pecorino fondue and sautéed escarole

Neapolitan breakdowns

Chocolate muffins

Apple pie


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