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from Naples to Martina Franca

Federica Gioffredi


A  passionate photographic story, which traces the stages of the journey from Naples to Martina Franca of the Duchess of Martina  Francesca Giudice Caracciolo, with pauses for reflection and fresh figurative snapshots. 

Traces of men and gestures, of history and territory, tales of places, ravines and reflections, pieces of the city, of crafts, of architecture, of nature and tradition, kilometers of light, skies, chiaroscuro and perspectives in the saturated colors of full-bodied and incisive black and white.

Here is «Two Centuries later»: images of passion and research that move from the inner journey and pass through the soul of the author and of the subjects with the simplified language of photographs with elements and feelings. You see a lot: the sea that reflects Vesuvius and tension, the sun that stands out on stones, faces and art, the wind that moves clothes hanging and memories, the shadows that redesign urban landscapes, the anatomies of nature and moments of life, the movements sinuous and unstable shades and backlighting that speak of history and of the South. The photographic artistic journey refers to the journey in the 19th century by the duchess daughter of Francesco Principe di Cellamare and Duca di Gesso. A fascinating adventure has begun  from Naples to the Casalrotto farm  di Mottola, well described in a documentation that emerged that reports in detail the money spent and all that was needed to face the very long journey. Among carriages, horses, dogs and servants in tow, the story is today an important testimony of the immense historical heritage of the Caracciolo del Sangro Archive. Kept over time in the library of Martina Franca, it was for Federica Gioffredi the source and inspiration for rendering the visual emotions of that time in today's shots through the unchanged beauties of the places, expressing an enchanting South with a contemporary eye. The artist describes those snapshots with essentiality and visionary "imprecision", as subliminal injections of humanity, passion and historical events.

Federica has been a photographer for ten years and is a member of the photographic scientific committee of MIACE, the Civic Museum of Contemporary Art  Euro-Mediterranean International  of the City of Castel Volturno.   

The numbers of this ambitious project: five stages, 331.6 km, 1234 shots.  

Naples: a large central image with hanging clothes, symbol of the city, gash  of life which is a prelude to the sequences of Vesuvius and the Maschio Angioino.

Lauro, a small town in the province of Avellino, is illustrated by the evocative procession of the Biancovestiti. 

Barletta: its Colossus  it contains either the architectural and historical strength. 

Monopoly  it is depicted by the harbor full of small and large fishing boats, which, depending on the angle, give countless reflections to the sea water.    

Martina Franca: last leg of the journey; trulli that give voice and waves to the sound of the wind; clothes that steal strength from its current; a chair and suspended umbrellas pay homage to nature and the arid beauty of the earth.

HOURS: from 10 to 19 from Tuesday to Saturday

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