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the program 2023 

Made in Cloister in conversation
in Rome from FOROF

The enhancement of ancient spaces through contemporary art identifies and unites two realities such as Forof and Made in Cloister, which inhabit two cities as beautiful as they are ancient: Rome and Naples.

Sharing this value has become an opportunity to meet on Thursday 19 January to talk about each other.

Guests of Giovanna Caruso Fendi in the archaeological space of FOROF, the founders of Made in Cloister Rosa Alba Impronta and Davide De Blasio recounted the history, mission and program of Made in Cloister 2023 in a conversation mediated by Sole 24 Ore journalist Nicola Zanella .


The 2023 programming is developed by pursuing the values of regeneration, enhancement of craftsmanship and inclusion of the Porta Capuana community with projects and exhibitions that will be created within the three Made in Cloister spaces: the Cloister, the LAB.oratorio space and the Refectory.



The sixteenth-century cloister is the core of the Foundation's activities and the new year inaugurates it with the first exhibition in Italy of the Ukrainian artistAljoscha, which will open to the public on 11 February 2023. The artist will create a floating installation designed to dialogue with the Bourbon dryer. His research on Naples has led him to deepen an element that has very deep historical and practical roots in the city: the votive aedicules. Symbols of devotion straddling the sacred and the pagan, the newsstands will become part of the exhibition project as a form of seal of the relationship between Aljoscha's work and Naples.


In May, the Foundation will return to dealing with the theme of Migration with the exhibition ofCarole Feuerman curated by Demetrio Paparoni, recounting the great escape from Cuba to Florida in the 80s through the pop sculptures of the American hyper-realist artist.


Cathedral glass, wallpaper and wood are the three different Italian artisans involved in the project ofAra Starck which will open to the public in October. An interactive and multidisciplinary installation that will be transformed into a container for laboratories and workshops that will involve young minds and the community of Porta Capuana.


Music is also an art used by Made in Cloister as a means of meeting and sharing.

For the tenth anniversary of Lou Reed's death, a personal friend of Davide De Blasio and one of the first supporters of the Made in Cloister project, the Foundation has created a program that will develop between the sixteenth-century cloister and the LAB.oratorio space. Waiting for the Man is the annual celebration with music, art and poetry that since 2018 has taken place in the Cloister on the occasion of the New York artist's birthday. For its fifth edition – to be held in March – artists such as Saturnino, Cristina Donadio, Ara Starck and young local musicians will be involved, while the annual art poster will be created by Peter Halley. The Foundation will also remember Lou Reed through musical and cinematic reviews that will be screened at the LAB.oratorio.


TO THE LAB. nowthorium

The space LAB.oratorio Made in Cloister on the first floor of the Foundation is the project space dedicated to research and enhancement of the territory. An ancient communication gallery between the church and the rest of the monumental complex, this year it will host not only exhibitions, but also exhibitions involving young artists, such as that of Assunta Saulle and Letitia Ky, which will open in March.




The Refectory, a space adjacent to the Cloister, furnished with design objects created by the collaboration between international artisans and artists, will again in 2023 be the site of projects of inclusion and community involvement.

For the fifth consecutive year, it hosts the Made in Cloister Refectory project, a social canteen for the inhabitants of the Porta Capuana area, launched in 2018 with the collaboration of the non-profit organization Food for Soul, founded by Michelin-starred Chef Massimo Bottura.  


In collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, the Made in Cloister Foundation has also launched a program of exhibitions in the Refectory with very young artists undergoing training at the Academy. The project was designed on the one hand to observe the creative development of the local context, on the other hand to enhance and stimulate young minds by giving them the opportunity to conceive and create their first exhibitions.




Made in Cloister was born with the intention of regenerating and restoring the sixteenth-century cloister, but the conversion of abandoned spaces has continued over the years leading to the recovery of other areas of the former Bourbon wool mill. In collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the Federico II University of Naples, the recovery and restoration of a new space on the first floor of the Foundation will begin from 2023, which will be transformed into an artist's residence. Casa Cloister will be furnished with objects created by the collaboration of international artists and local artisans, in line with the Bottega Made in Cloister craftsmanship enhancement project.




In addition to the ordinary activity carried out in the area and specifically in the spaces of the cloister and the LAB.oratorio, the Made in Cloister Foundation, with a view to enhancing and promoting young artists from Campania and sharing its know-how, carries out cultural activities in spaces other than those mainly dedicated to exhibitions. Made in Cloister Outdoor is born with the collaboration of Galleria Navarra, a recovered space in the center of Naples and dedicated to gastronomy and art.

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