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The Made in Cloister Foundation celebrates the unforgettable Neapolitan artist Pino Daniele with the multimedia and itinerant exhibition project Pino Daniele Alive, La Mostra which will start from the Santa Caterina complex in Formiello (Naples), headquarters of the Foundation, from 18 September to 31 December 2021 .

The idea of the traveling project was born with the collaboration of Pino Daniele's son, Alessandro Daniele and the photographer Guido Harari .

Pino Daniele Alive, The exhibition starts from the suggestive setting of the Made in Cloister Foundation, making the most of the architectural features of the cloister and geometrically building, in its sixteenth-century layout, the grid with its unexpected and alternative paths.

For the first time on display in large format a series of iconic shots by Pino Daniele, made by photographers who have followed him more closely throughout his brilliant career. Images that characterized the covers of his historic records and unpublished photographs, digitized specifically for the exhibition. Starting with some youthful portraits taken by Lino Vairetti of the Osanna band, to pass following a chronological development to the images of Mimmo Jodice , Cesare Monti , Guido Harari , Luciano Viti,  Giovanni Canitano, Adolfo Franzò, Roberto Panucci, Letizia Pepori .

The installation deliberately accompanies the public on a multimedia journey, aimed at soliciting a physical and emotional interaction capable of capturing the artist's most complex and private aspects. To complete the installation, an exceptional soundtrack: the most famous songs will be presented in an unpublished key, with audio excerpts from the voice and / or guitar alone isolated from the rest of the instruments.

The exhibition will also be a container for non-profit activities by the Pino Daniele Trust Onlus . In collaboration with SIAE-Italian Society of Authors and Publishers.

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