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wall water


from 9th November to 7th December 2019

Wall Water is an exhibition by Enzo Distinto, curated by Valentina Apicerni and exhibit at LAB.oratorio, the project room of the Foundation dedicated to research and experimentation.

Wall Water is the trace of two rivers: the Sebeto, the secret river of Naples that arise from Monte Somma and crossed the city and poured out in the Mediterrano; and the Nilo. The rivers are represented as walls that, raising toward the ceiling, became a liquid surface with colors that vary the shades from green to yellow, recalling the encounter between different cultures unified by a common element. This element marks the utopic fall of politic boundaries between countries and allows to see the Earth as a unique continent accessible for anyone.

Enzo Distinto’s artistic reasearch revolves around the cartography, the study of geographic and hydrographic maps on which he works with cut and sculptures giving new configurations to cities and boundaries. This overlapping between reality – real territories- and imaginary- possible territory- is reflected also with the stratification of different key of lecture: they are mental spaces not geographic ones.

History and legends, places and not places, geopolitics and sacred dimension, past and present flow into his traces of Sebeto and Nilo. That’s because this are the symbolic traces of two fluviale deities and two continents, of the ancient intercultural dialogue between populations and their mobility across the Mediterraneo: here barriers are just a wall water.

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