Made in Cloister, Open Care - Services for Art and the Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Foundation are pleased to present the In Into volume in Naples on October 13th. Preserving and restoring contemporary art. Curated by Isabella Villafranca Soissons, Director of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Open Care and published by Marsilio within the series "Mestieri d'Arte", conceived and promoted by the Cologni Foundation, the volume intends to illustrate the areas of intervention, the challenges and opportunities of an emerging professionalism little known by the general public, that of the restorer of contemporary works.


The presentation in the splendid setting of Made in Cloister will be moderated by Alessandra de Nitto, Director of Publishing Projects and Events of the Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Foundation. In addition to the author, Isabella Villafranca Soissons, speakers: Rosa Alba Impronta, President of the Made in Cloister Foundation; Elisabetta Galasso, CEO of Open Care; Andrea Viliani, Director General of the MADRE Museum; Angela Tecce, Director of the Real Site of Carditello Foundation; Roberto Spada, Collector; Domenico Filipponi, Art Advisor of Unicredit.


Although supported by a rigorous system, the volume deals with the issue with a more informative approach to scientific publications on the subject, as it is addressed to the large audience of those who own or manage contemporary works of art that are, by their nature, unstable. , perishable and ephemeral. Through interviews and testimonies, he explores in a captivating way what represents the last frontier of conservation, the contemporary declination of an ancient art craft, that of the restorer, which today more than ever brings together art and science, working in harmony with intentionality artist in order to preserve the authoritativeness and originality of the work.


The publication collects, after a long work of research and investigation in the world of art and collecting, a rich series of testimonies, in the form of an interview, and of specialized essays. It is also presented, through detailed technical sheets, a significant series of conservative interventions and restorations on works by contemporary authors, while a large final section is dedicated to the major Italian restoration institutes, flagship of conservation at the international level.

The fundamental difference between the art of the past and the present lies, for the conservative, primarily in the diversity of the executive techniques: for centuries methodologies and materials codified by numerous manuals have remained unchanged. From the twentieth century artists began to use an infinite variety of non-traditional materials, assembling them, sometimes boldly by means of a vast selection of expressive languages, also of a performative and site-specific nature.


For this reason, the field of restoration of contemporary works is experimental and constantly evolving because it is based on concrete experiences, each time different. Besides, the conservative of works co-ed with us, besides technical knowledge and skills, must often intervene in the absence of a univocal vision of the work, manage or reactivate the change: its action must therefore be coordinated with that of other operators of the art, including artists, collectors, curators, museum managers and jurists, in order to safeguard the values ​​that allow the work to be transmitted, enjoyed, exchanged and become heritage.

In opera - Isabella Villafranca Soissons
gio 13 ott
Made in Cloister,
Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 48, 80139 Napoli NA, Italia
Invito In opera_13 ottobre 2016, Napoli
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