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Since June 2022, the Made in Cloister Foundation, in collaboration with Galleria Navarra has started a series of quarterly outdoor exhibitions dedicated to young artists and creatives from the Naples area. 

The project inaugurated its first exhibition in July 2022 with the exhibition of 8 young photographers and some students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.


Assunta Saulle is the featured artist in the second exhibition on display in the art space, garden, restaurant and cocktail bar in Chiaia, which opened last July thanks to the commitment and restoration of Rossopomodoro's founders. This time the space will be devoted to artistic productions on photodynamism, a photographic work that stems from the artist's desire to distort the opacity of figures, to dominate plastic form and formulate a world in which the individual expresses his freedom through the possibility of becoming light, disappearing into the darkness of time and then fleetingly reappearing, experiencing the body as a land yet to be revealed and as a means of continuous transformation of memory.

The history of the place, the building and cultural stratification and the recovery project in recent years have made possible the collaboration between Galleria Navarra and Fondazione Made in Cloister, active since 2016 in promoting contemporary art in Naples. Every three months the Foundation is responsible for selecting the works of young artists to be exhibited in the gallery's spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The artistic program focuses on exhibiting emerging artists with a penchant for creative processes with a strong connection between memory and contemporaneity.

WHERE: Navarra Gallery, 23 De Martiri Square.

WHEN: from Oct. 5, 2022 

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 00:30 a.m.

Click here to discover the exhibition and works by Assunta Saulle.

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